University of St Andrews | School of International Relations

The New Silk Road Project is affiliated as a Student-led initiative both with members of the School of International Relations and the University of St Andrews


The Bridge Institute

The mission of the Bridge Institute - a Singapore headquartered non-profit - is to support the leaders tackling some of societies greatest challenges to create a more inclusive, peaceful, and prosperous society. 

Voices on Central Asia

Voices on Central Asia is a leading collaboration between the Central Asia Program and the Central Asian Analytical Network offering an insightful platform for matters regarding Central Asia. 

Silk Road Society

Oxford University Silk Road Society

The Silk Road Society brings educational value to those interested in the history, culture, customs, languages, and archaeology of the Silk Road. Hosting talks by renown speakers, it aims to promote understanding of cultural connectivity and its relevance to the twenty-first century.

Eurasian Vision

Eurasian Vision is a leading newsletter on Asian-European Transcontinental Initiatives. It is an attempt to centralise and regularly report on the ongoing and monumental projects contributing to European integration.